July 16, 2012

The Terrible Death Penalty Photos in The World

Do not be criminals, will bring serious consequences. There are various types of capital punishment, some traditional and some modern. But in several countries use only commonly death penalty. Please see the pictures below! Most frightening death penalty in the world!

Bake him live life!

"Burning at the stake"
A rather gruesome death penalty.
Violator will be tied up by timber, firewood and wood is placed around the violator.
Then light a fire in the wood. And start the event that burn people alive. So terrible! But the death penalty not practiced currently.

Shoot him to death!

The death penalty executed to shoot the offender. Violators will be sat right near the seat , and the executors will be ready to shoot close to the chest. Shots strike at the heart of the chest that can be shot. If offenders do not die yet, the executors will be continue to shoot head.

Chop his head off!

"Beheading Decapitation"
We often hear that right, at the time of the death penalty first Japanese head choppers most popular. Cut off all your jugular...!

Hange him until he dies!

The most popular punishment in the universe, the laws of the gallows. Offenders will be tied up around the neck and will be stood on a platform built with a hole in it. Closed the hole before, when time is coming , the hole will be opened, and offenders will be hanging on a gallows .. until he died.

Inject him until he dies!

"Lethal Injection"
Lethal injection executions! Violators will be laid on the table, tied up, and injected with chemicals that can kill. There are three types of commonly used chemicals, the Sodium Thiopental, Pancuronium Bromide and Potassium Chloride. Sodium Thiopental best part is, the offender will be given medication to sleep and would sleep forever. Pancuronium Bromide chemical plaque that will make the offender drowned because air flow is blocked. Potassium, the most dangerous plaque and will make the offender heart attack!

Give him electric shock!

"Electric Chair"
Violators will be seated on a special chair that is connected with a thousand volts of electricity. The death penalty electric chair used first time near New York, last time used in 2003.

Ready to take breath in a gas chamber?

"Gas Chamber"
Gas chamber death penalty like quite terrible. Violators will be placed in an airtight room filled with gas that will make someone died within 5 minutes. Gas chamber was first used in Nevada in 1924. The Places that ever use poison gas to death was Arizona, California, Maryland, Mississippi, Missouri, and North Carolina. Last time used in 1999.
(Source: Silampuneon)

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